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  "Working on behalf of our hospitals to coordinate the services that 

meet the needs of our community"

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  Welcome to the
Healthcare Alliance of Greater Ohio
The Healthcare Alliance of Greater Ohio, formerly known as the Akron Regional Hospital Association, began in 1936 as the Akron Hospital Council.  Originally it had four member hospitals and today the membership includes 15 hospitals/health systems in four Northeast Central Ohio counties.

Much of the Alliance's efforts in the region are a result of the thoughtful leadership of our hospitals and their ability to collaborate to develop proactive solutions to improve the health care needs of the community.  Our Board of Directors and committees address common concerns to develop innovative solutions.


In addition, the Alliance facilitates the Northeast Central Ohio Emergency Preparedness (NECO EP) program for its 13-county region.  The purpose of the NECO EP program is to enhance emergency preparedness activities in health care by meeting the deliverables as described through a grant from Health and Human Services through the Ohio Department of Health.  Over $1.6 million is administered to the regional hospitals on an annual basis through this program.

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