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Meet the Staff

Sarah Metzger

Executive Director/NECO Regional Hospital Coordinator

Sarah joined the Alliance in 2005 and is responsible for the management of the Northeast Central Ohio Emergency Preparedness (NECO EP) program for the 13-county region.  This program is managed and facilitated by the Healthcare Alliance of Greater Ohio.  The purpose of the NECO EP program is to enhance emergency preparedness activities in health care by meeting the deliverables as described through a grant from Health and Human Services through the Ohio Department of Health. Over $1.6 million is administered to the regional hospitals on an annual basis through this program.  Sarah also serves as the Executive Director of the Alliance, responsible to the Board of Trustees and the membership, to effectively manage the affairs of the Association and the Foundation. Oversee staff, administrative affairs, and grants.  Sarah has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Organizational Communication. Prior to joining the Alliance, Sarah had five years of hospital and healthcare experience in the region.

Adam Tillett

Manager of Finance and Data Services

Adam joined the Alliance in 2015 and is responsible for the finance, budget and accounting functions both of the Healthcare Alliance of Greater Ohio and the Healthcare Alliance of Greater Ohio Foundation. In addition, he is responsible for data collection and analysis, including compensation, benefits, turnover, economic impact, community benefit, and volume statistics.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting and a Master's degree in Business Administration.  Prior to joining the Alliance, he had wide-ranging experience in all forms of corporate accounting in the retail and energy industries.

Steven Nuske

NECO Project Coordinator 

Steve joined the Alliance in 2013 and is responsible for planning and implementation of identified projects by monitoring project scope, goals, deliverables, and facilitating the projects.  In addition, he coordinates meetings, trainings and schedules as well as updates to online systems and databases to assist with the facilitation of the ASPR grant.  He has a Bachelor's degree in Emergency Management and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Akron.

Anna Leininger

NECO Administrative Assistant 

Anna joined the Alliance in 2023 and supports administrative processes for the Northeast Central Ohio Emergency Preparedness program. She assists with meeting coordination, schedules, minutes, online system updates, and other annual projects. Her B.A.S. in Communications from The University of Akron helped her gain valuable skills and diverse nationwide industry experience in executive admin, human resources and corporate finance roles. In pursuit of her professional growth she is currently nearing the completion of her Master’s degree in Public Health, focusing on Social & Behavioral Sciences, at Kent State University.

Bonny Ammond

Executive Assistant

Bonny joined the Alliance in 2020 and provides administrative support, coordinates and attends committee meetings, prepares minutes, documents action items and follows up on same.  Prior to joining the Alliance, she spent several years as a legal assistant with a local law firm.  She also attended the University of Akron.  

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